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Administrator Day Sessions

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Sessions are subject to change.
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Richard Weissbourd, Ed.D.  |  Senior Lecturer, Director of Making Caring Common, and Co-Director of the Human Development and Psychology Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education

How Can Schools Develop Caring and Thriving Students?

Today’s culture as well as parents and schools tend to be intensely focused on children’s happiness and achievements. But the preoccupation with these two goals—and the constant praising of kids that goes with it—can undermine children’s capacity to care for others and their investment in the common good. Focusing so much on achievement and happiness also risks making kids not only less caring, but ironically, less happy and less likely to achieve at high levels. In the current socio-economic climate, where decency and empathy seem to be in short supply, it’s more important than ever to help children develop concern for others and our collective well-being. This talk will explore these current trends and provide concrete strategies that schools can utilize to develop empathic, caring, justice-minded children who are also happy and able to pursue meaningful achievement. 

SESSION I • 10:00-10:55AM
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  • Opening Doors: Creating a Community Focused Center for Excellence
  • Is Your Retirement Plan Best in Class?   *earn CPE credits
  • You've Admitted Me. Now Help Me Stay: Creating a Transition Program for Non-Traditional Students and Families 
  • Financial Implications of Security at Private Schools  *earn CPE credits
  • Annual Fund Panel Discussion
  • Creating a Volunteer Service Culture
  • Driving K-12 Innovation: Accelerators, Hurdles & Enablers  
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work of an Independent School in Florida
  • Learn to Start: A Solution for 21st Century Learning
  • Cultural Development of an Athletic Department 
  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • How Can I Help? Supporting Recruited Athletes through the College Process 
  • Your Board’s Role in a Successful Campaign 
  • Peace and Justice Principles: Leading the Way
  • Leading Innovation:  The Mastery Transcript
  • Cultivating Experimental Learning Through Immersion and Interest-Based Experiences 
  • New Administrators: Cultivate Their Leadership Capacity, and Support Their Transition
  • Transitioning to College: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies 
  • Disrupting School, Making Connections, and Transforming Cities
  • Checking in with Prospective, New and Nearly New Heads

SESSION II • 11:05AM-12:00PM
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  • Key Planning Considerations for Developing New Campus Facilities   *earn CPE credits
  • The Convergence of Health and Wealth in Benefits Plans   *earn CPE credits
  • Pressures and Fears of Gen Z’s; How Educators and Parents Can Help Gen Z’s Cope and Build Resilience
  • The 2019 Admission Toolbox 
  • Getting the Board on Board: Motivating Board Members to both Give and Get During Annual and Capital Campaigns
  • Global Fluency: The Essential Playbook for Global Citizens
  • Empowering the Next GenHERation
  • Emerging Trends in Global Education
  • Maximizing Our Impact: School and Technology Leaders United
  • NCAA Initial Eligibility and College Admissions Process
  • Coaches Corner: Hazing and Sexual Assault Prevention in the Post #metoo World
  • Hiring Top Talent: Building an Evidence-Based Process for Faculty Hiring
  • Application Trends in College Admissions
  • Students Helping Students Create Balanced Lives
  • Seven Vital Tactics to Energize Employees and Improve Performance and Retention
  • G Suite Best Practices Panel: Let our powers combine!
  • BIG RESULTS on a Small School Budget: How to Translate Your Brand into an Effective Online Presence
  • Students with Anxiety in the Classroom
  • When Incremental Change Isn’t Enough: Disrupting the Status Quo by Thinking Like a Start-up
  • Diversity: Opening the Door for Meaningful Dialog 

LUNCHEON • 12:10-1:40PM
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Michael J. McCulley   |  Astronaut

Space Talk (Astronaut Selection to Flying In Space) 

Each of us builds the story of our life. Today’s students are currently building theirs without knowing where it will lead. How do we prepare our current students to be able to live out their dreams? 

The importance of the right kind of education and cultivating ambition to search for opportunities is crucial. Be ready for anything, accept challenges, be curious, build the basics. The importance of STEM as preparation will be shared through inspirational stories from an astronaut’s point of view. Educators change lives. What you do with students now influences where they can go tomorrow.

SESSION III • 2:00-2:55PM
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  • How to Shift the Needle Toward a More Philanthropic Culture in Your School Community
  • Gifts That Keep Giving:  Make the Tax Code Work for Your School   *earn CPE credits
  • Leveraging Your Planning Study for Campaign Success 
  • Continuous Enrollment from a Practical Point of View 
  • The State of the Independent School Admission Industry 
  • How to Create the Right Strategic Mindset for Your School and Plan that Gets off the Shelf and into Action
  • "Making the Case" with Assessment-Based Analytics
  • Diverse Communication for All
  • Cybersecurity Workshop for Independent School Administrators
  • Transforming the Antiquated, Cultivating the Contemporary
  • Round Table/FHSAA Updates
  • The Big Four: State University “Florida Flagships” Dean’s Panel  
  • Learning and the Brain: What Administrators and Counselors Need to Know!
  • The Value-Add of a Semester Away 
  • Crafting a Strategy With Your (External) Financial Team
  • Bold Moves: Co-Teaching Is Not Just for Special Ed. 
  • Data Is Not a Four Letter Word! 
  • Managing the Self-Study Process
  • Implementing a School-wide Enrichment Program: One's School's Story 
  • How to Grow a Green School Culture 

SESSION IV • 3:05-4:00PM
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  • Blended and Online Teaching and Collaboration
  • Effective Management for A Smaller Business Office   *earn CPE credits
  • Foundation Grants
  • How to Turn Your Website into an Enrollment Engine
  • Jill of All Trades: Strategies for Small MarComm Shops 
  • Inspiring Growth Through Goal Setting and E-Portfolios
  • FCIS: The State of the Association
  • Cultivate Diversity and Inclusivity: Creating Mirrors and Bridges for ALL
  • Preparing for the School of 2024: AI, Machine Learning, VR and AR
  • Administration Is NOT for the Faint of Heart! 
  • How to Develop, Grow, and Sustain an Athletic Program that Is Right for Your School
  • Memoirs, Memes and Memories: Writing Personal Narratives for College Applications
  • Mission Statement Revision Committees 
  • The Minds of Boys and Girls 
  • Converting the Reluctant Solicitor into a Dynamic Fundraiser 
  • Parents Get Fit at Social Media Bootcamp
  • Marketing to Millennials... and Gen Z! 
  • 2019-20 Changes to AP: A Path to Success for All Students
  • Building a Student Life Program: Lessons from Ground Zero
  • International School Connection (ISC) and You! 

Annual Business Meeting • 4:10-5:10PM