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Steps for Initial Certification

Steps for Initial Certification (Temporary Certificate) 
Permanent certification requirements must be completed within the 5 years listed on the temporary certificate.
Applicants are unable to reapply for a temporary certificate.  
  • Teacher applies for Temporary Certificate at and pays fee of $75.00 per subject area.
  • Teacher receives Statement of Eligibility (SOE). This will delineate what the teacher needs to do to get the temporary and/or professional certificate.  
  • Complete Livescan Fingerprints (instructions from DOE below)

Employees of Nonpublic Schools  (Directly from DOE’s website)

Individuals who hold a Statement of Status of Eligibility (SOE) verifying eligibility for a Florida Temporary Certificate may be issued a Florida certificate if the employing nonpublic school has a state-approved program for demonstration of professional education competence (PEC).

  • If you are employed in an approved nonpublic school, follow the required fingerprint processing instructions and consult with your employer. Upon completion of the specific certification fingerprint requirements, your school administrator will forward a request to issue your certificate either directly to our Bureau or to the accrediting association to which your school belongs.
  • If the results of your fingerprints are clear, your certificate is issued within 30 days of Educator Certification's receipt of the cleared records from both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • If the results of your fingerprint processing reflect any criminal offense record or if you reported a record on your application for a Florida Educator's Certificate, your application will be referred to Professional Practices Services for review. That office will contact you regarding information needed to review your records for determination of eligibility for a certificate. Issuance of your certificate will be pending the results of this review.
  • If your fingerprint results were rejected due to being illegible, you will be notified in writing with additional instructions.

Head of School completes the Request for Issuance (CT-111) and School’s MIP Coordinator sends to Keara Danger,  FCIS will upload the form to the Department of Education (DOE).  In body of email, please add teacher's teaching assignment and subject area applied for.   The CT-111 MUST be completed AFTER livescan fingerprints have been sent to ORI=FL921620ZDOE/TEACHER/CERTIFICATION.