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PEC Program

Professional Education Competency Demonstration Program (PEC)

The PEC program is a Florida Association of Academic Nonpublic Schools (FAANS) program, not an FCIS program.  If an applicant’s Statement of Eligibility (SOE) says that he or she has not satisfied the PEC requirement, then you will need to purchase a PECD manual from the FCIS Office and then the head of your school (or a person designated by the head) must put the new teacher through the program.

  • The teacher MUST have a current temporary certificate while completing the program.
  • The PEC program has 17 competencies that the teacher must complete within the validity dates of their temporary certificate

To order the FAANS Professional Education Competency, contact Keara Danger, to order.  The manual will be mailed along with an invoice for $50.00.

1.       Once the teacher has completed the 17 competencies, send the last page of section 4 to Keara Danger @
2.       FCIS will send the Department of Education (DOE) the CT-118 showing that the PEC program has been completed.