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Professional Learning Catalog (Formerly Master In-service Plan)

MIP Purpose

The purpose of the FCIS Professional Learning Catalog (Formerly Master In-Service Plan) is to make available in-service training to those professionals serving FCIS Member Schools in Florida.  Realizing that the acquisition of new skills and the application of these skills have an impact on the education of children, the Professional Learning Catalog offers a variety of components in each curriculum area that provide continuous, positive professional growth activities in four areas: knowledge, awareness, skills, and attitude. This in-service plan will be the master blueprint to describe FCIS policies and procedures, and the policies and procedures of the Florida Department of Education.

MIP Goals

The primary goal of the FCIS School Program is to provide in-service training opportunities for administrators, teachers, and staff personnel in their member schools. These training opportunities will be designed to develop professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes.


Professional Learning Catalog

Click on the orange "Professional Learning Catalog" above to access the online program.

The online program includes:
Professional Learning Catalog (in-service)
Purpose and Goals
Objectives and Strategies
State Board of Education Rules
Professional Learning Catalog Policies
Procedures and Steps for In-Service Application and Completion


Helpful Tips:
  • Watch videos in order.
  • Complete each video task before moving on to the next video.
  • Take notes while watching videos.
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