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Data and Statistics


Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL)

FCIS partners with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), along with 30 associations, to give our schools a resource which provides data for settings goals, assessing progress, and planning for the future. That resource is Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL). As a result, all FCIS schools are able to benchmark themselves and make comparisons using data from other FCIS schools. Also, schools are able to make comparisons with schools in other associations of which they are members. In addition, the FCIS Office is able to draw from this data to support its member schools. The possibilities and the benefits to our schools are immense.

DASL requirements have changed and are now easier for our FCIS schools!

1.  FCIS has limited the number of required data points.  While we encourage our schools to fill out DASL in its entirety,  FCIS schools are now only required to complete the items listed below.  These required data points will be used in upcoming accreditation visits and will therefore be monitored for completion.

Data Points Document: an organized list of required data points by section. This list is still current.

Data Points Required Spreadsheet: this spreadsheet can no longer be used to import data into DASL, but is a good reference tool. Each year's import spreadsheet can be downloaded from DASL once the data entry is initiated. Please follow the instructions on the spreadsheet.

2.  NAIS has extended required financial data collection to later in the fall, so that schools can use their annual audit (as required by FCIS standards) to enter information about revenues, expenses, balance sheet, endowment, and tuition discounting.   This information will be collected starting in June along with the Foundation data, but the deadline will extend to November 18th in order for schools to complete audits.

So, less data will be collected, and not all at one time.  We believe this will target the data we need, while reducing the amount of work for our schools.  As a reminder:

DASL Foundation Data collection window:  Data collection will begin on June 14, 2023, and close on October 14

DASL Financial Operations collection window:  Data collections will begin June 14, 2023, and close on November 18

Enter your data at

DASL webinars are archived on the FCIS website HERE.  Please call or email if you need the passcode.

Questions? Contact Director of Accreditation Melissa Alton at or Educational Technology Coordinator, Cindy Addison at