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Advisor Program

Advisor Program

Introducing the FCIS Advisor Program!

What is the FCIS Advisor program?
The FCIS Advisor program was created by the FCIS Board of Directors in order to provide targeted, low-cost consultation to our member schools.  All advisors are experienced educators that have been approved by the FCIS Board to provide this service.

How does it work?
Schools should read the advisors’ biographies and skills to find the best match for their situation.  Once an appropriate advisor has been selected, fill out the ADVISOR REQUEST FORM and the FCIS office will put you in contact with your selected advisor.  It is up to the school and advisor to determine how many hours will be needed.

How much does it cost?
FCIS Advisor services cost $100.00 per hour.  Advisors submit time sheets to FCIS, and FCIS will invoice the school for payment.

Questions?  Contact FCIS Director of Accreditation, Melissa Alton, at or (813) 287-2820.