Membership Procedures

To become an accredited member of the Florida Kindergarten Council (FKC) a school must have been in operation more than three years and comply with the following:

  • Review the Bylaws and Accreditation Standards of the Florida Kindergarten Council
  • Submit an Inquiry Form
  • Host an initial Site Visit with a representative of FKC
  • Following a successful Site Visit, submit an application and fee ($100) 
  • Attend the session “Preparing your School for an Evaluation Visit” at the annual FKC Convention
  • Host a preliminary visit by the evaluating team's FKC Chairperson 
  • Complete a self-study of the school’s programs and facilities 
  • Ensure compliance with all FKC Standards
  • Be visited by an Evaluation Team of peer educators; the team will submit its final report to FKC Board of Directors
  • Be approved and accepted into membership by the Board of Directors of FKC 
  • Complete Annual Report and pay annual dues. Annual dues for 2017 are $510.00 per school.

The applying school is responsible for the travel, meals and hotel expenses of the Evaluation team.

Schools which have been in operation for less than three years may apply for Provisional Affiliate status in the Florida Kindergarten Council.