Wendy Mogel – Keynote Speaker

Dr. Wendy Mogel is an internationally acclaimed psychologist, author, and public speaker. Publisher’s Weekly gave her—now classic—parenting book, The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, a starred review, calling it impassioned, lyrical and eminently practical...a real treasure.” Her revelatory second release, The Blessing of a B Minus, addresses the challenge of parenting adolescents in a culture of anxiety and entitlement. Publisher’s Weekly raved, “Mogel’s compassion and authenticity will ring true with parents of all faiths facing the tumultuous teen years.” A revised and edition of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, updated for the age of social media and smartphones, was released on July 7, 2017.

Mogel’s third book, due out in 2018, is about cultivating the art of conversation—from infancy to adulthood—in an age of hurry, worry, and digital distraction. In Voice Lessons, Mogel will elaborate on a novel clinical approach she began taking with parents who were struggling with their kids, demonstrating how a shift in tone, tempo, and body language led to a surprising outcome: the children responded by cooperating with greater alacrity, and communicating with more warmth, respect, and sincerity. As the parents found their voices, so did the children. Mogel also addresses an obstacle that flummoxes even the most seasoned and confident parent: the distraction of digital devices, how they impact our connection with our families, and what we can do about it.

Dr. Mogel is known for her enlightening, frank, and deft approach to “parenting” parents by supporting and guiding them in raising their children and coaching them into becoming mature stakeholders in our schools.

A graduate of Middlebury College, Wendy Mogel completed an internship and post-doctoral fellowship in Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She currently serves as a research and policy advisor for Challenge Success—a program of the Stanford University School of Education, and serves on the scientific advisory board of Parents Magazine. She contributes articles to a variety of publications including Independent School Magazine, Parents Magazine, and Camping Magazine and is regularly featured as a guest expert by The TODAY Show, and in interviews by reporters from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, and NPR.

In 2006, The New York Times Sunday Magazine published a profile by Dr. Mogel and her work: “So the Torah is a Parenting Guide” by Emily Bazelon. It was the most-emailed article on the Times site for a month.

An interesting and little known fact—Dr. Mogel was born in a car under the 59th Street Bridge in Manhattan. She currently lives and practices in Los Angeles.

Session Speakers

Session 1

PE and Recess Games That Do NOT Exclude - Keep Kids Moving and Having Fun! (K-Grade 3)

Mary Aparicio & Steve Hoffman, St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, Miami

This session is designated for PE and classroom teachers looking for activities to keep kids moving, having fun, and from "sitting out" of elimination games. Come dressed to play!                             

* Sneakers strongly suggested for this participation session!


Fight, Flight, Rest, Digest...De-Stress (EC-Grade 3)

Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School

What do stress and anxiety have to do with Executive Functioning skills in children…everything! Come to this workshop to learn research on the brain-body connection, how sugar and hydration affect learning, tips to help students who have executive functioning deficits and high anxiety and stress levels.


It's Fun! It's Colorful! It's Playful! It's Math! (EC-Grade 3)

Heather Burris and Mara Merly Delgado, Lake Mary Preparatory School

Come learn about Numicon! This program has completely changed Early Childhood mathematics is instruction. Children actually touch numbers! Students build skills in numeracy, number sense, subitizing, teen numbers, making ten, spatial reasoning, addition/subtraction, and critical thinking. Numicon is an amazing curriculum, and we want to share it with everyone!


Keynote Speaker Session

Wendy Mogel



Using STEM and animation to create critical thinkers, innovators, mathematicians and passionate scientists.  (K-Grade 3)

Audrey Cain, San Jose Episcopal Day School, Jacksonville - Grant Winner
Expand your school curriculum and provide hands-on lessons using STEM and animation. Build students' imagination, ideas and creativity, by designing and making a variety of structures, and by using animation software and playdough figures to make their structures come to life. Make science, technology, engineering, and math fun and interesting.

Session 2

Oh! The Places We Will Go During Read Across America Week! (EC-Grade 3)

Mercy Gonzalez, Melinda Harper, Mariana Carta, and Shirley Gonzales,  St. Stephen's Episcopal Day School, Miami

Read Across America Day takes place annually on March 2 ~ Dr. Seuss' birthday. Its purpose is to motivate students to read daily. Come, learn ways to organize this event at your school. Come, share ways you observe it. We’ll leave with great ideas to motivate our students to read.

Terrific Tech (EC-Grade 3)

Carie Fowler & Sophie Steinberg, St. John's Episcopal, Tampa

Exploring creative ways to build confidence in using tech while learning essential skills with new and exciting apps. Referenced apps include Nearpod, Book Creator, Seesaw, IXL, green screen presentations, and more.


Get a Grip: Ideas for Fine Motor Control (EC-Grade 3)

Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School

Learn how all muscles help the fingers and grip. Learn about shoulder exercises, Palmer Arch, wrist control and participate in activities for fine motor development. Help all children improve their writing, coloring, painting, cutting and using their hands and fingers. Easily integrate all tips and trick into your existing curriculum.


Oh the Places You'll Go with Global Goals (K-Grade 3)

Brittany Ruffolo and Christina Lubbers, North Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek

How can we create a community of innovative problem solvers who strive to make a difference? Come learn about the Global Goals and how to introduce them in your classroom. Spark an awareness through STEAM and interactive, cross-curricular lessons which will be at the forefront of your Global Goals journey.


Creating Objective Based Lessons to Get Your Kids Moving! (EC-K)

Cristina Torres, Gulliver Schools, Miami

Does your classroom wiggle? Are you tired of creating lessons that end up "Pinterest Fails" lacking real substance? Let us help you provide movement and sensory-rich play, while still packing in all the academics. You will walk away with practical, easy to prepare lessons that you can implement next week!

A Journey Of Self-discovery For The Entire Family Through The Reggio Emilia Project (EC-Grade 3)

Connie Siemonof and Alejandro Lam-Castrillo, The Cushman School, Miami

Come learn how to facilitate a children-led workshop assisted by parents and teachers, where children find their voice and express it creatively. Wowed by the workshop revelations, parents learn how to better engage with their children more effectively, while children build confidence.

Co-Teaching: A Practical Approach to Working as a Team (EC-Grade 3)

Liz Colavecchio and deAnne DeLeon, The Discovery School, Jacksonville Beach

Co-Teaching model ~ we’d like to share insights about our 6-year journey. Learn how to make a "dream team" and support the teaching match through open communication, respect, planning, and flexibility. We’ll discuss the benefits and challenges of co-teaching. Come to see that teamwork really does make the “Dream” work!


Session 3

Traveling around the World (EC-Grade 3)

Victoria Llanos, The Montessori House Day School, Tampa

My goal in this presentation is to share the different cultures with diverse backgrounds from around the world. To show the variety of languages, music, and ways of living. To promote in a fun way multicultural awareness. For instance, flags, souvenirs, artifacts, dolls, music, games, typical dresses.


The Pied Piper Effect (EC-K)

Ines Taylor, Gulliver School, Miami

After almost 40 years of teaching, I am Gulliver Schools' "Pied Piper" teaching music, drama, and creative movement. This workshop will be an interactive exercise that will bring all the performing arts together under one umbrella. The participants will sing, dance, retell stories, and create skits in a fun-filled atmosphere.


Beyond Academics: Inspiring Independence, Motivation, and Productivity (K-Grade 3)

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi, Country Day School, Largo

Participants will explore ways to create relevant, meaningful learning experiences based on individual passions and interests. Creating a supportive community encourages students to take risks, make mistakes, and utilize those mistakes. We will delve into various ways to scaffold learning, allowing students to make significant progress and reach full potential.


Dash Goes On a Dot Hunt (K)

Jennifer Sherlock, Riverside Presbyterian Day School, Jacksonville

Higher level thinking and coding IS possible in early childhood classrooms! Come learn how to use Dash and Dot in a multidisciplinary approach that engages students in a collaborative adventure. Captivate them from beginning to end with this hands-on experience using a combination of Makerspace, STEAM, music, and coding.


LAUNCHing the Design Thinking Cycle In Your Classroom (Grades 1-3)

Caylyn Wells and Jill Jaiswal, The Out of Door Academy, Sarasota

LAUNCH inspired, come see how to empower students to embrace their maker abilities. This process allowed students to collaborate and become problem solvers in our community. In this session, we plan to share the details you could use to recreate the Design Thinking Cycle in your own classroom and community.


O-C-D: Optimizing Curriculum Design (EC-Grade 3)

Laura Fitzpatrick, Jess Boston, and Lynsie Mandt, North Broward Preparatory School, Coconut Creek

Tired of hours of stressful planning? We were too! Join us for helpful tips to optimize your planning time for a stress-free year. See how effective front loading can save time and stress. Presenters will share simple, yet innovative ways to streamline the curriculum planning process.


Oh, The Things You Can THINK...and WRITE!
Joanna Campanile and Janell Matos, Vineyards Elementary School, Naples

Take a peek behind the scenes of 2 high impact kindergarten classrooms in Naples, FL that are teaching students how to THINK and effectively WRITE at levels that are blowing other teachers away!  Learn their strategies and techniques making a difference for ALL students.  Student samples will be shown.