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Ginny Luther – Keynote Speaker

Giggles and Grit: Using Connection Activities that Wire the Brain for Resiliency

Ginny Luther, a dynamic international speaker for parents and educational professionals pulls from her vast life experience presenting with charisma, enthusiasm, and compassion. Her tremendous knowledge provides creative solutions to many difficult issues facing schools and families today, giving audiences the tools necessary to succeed.

Since 1998, as a Loving Guidance Associate and Certified Conscious Discipline® Instructor, Ginny brings to life the principles of Dr. Becky Bailey's Conscious Discipline to schools, early childhood centers, parents and in mentorship. Both national and internationally Ginny has mentored those who aspire this transformational journey, to unite in building Conscious Discipline communities. Using her expertise and commitment to empower adult-child relationships she uses conflict as an opportunity for growth during her enthusiastic workshops. Ginny also served an educational consultant, Parent/Teacher Coach, and a support group leader for school districts, parents, communities, corporate organizations, associations, clubs, and summer camps.

Ginny holds an M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Ithaca College in 1979. Before working with Loving guidance, her educational roles included therapist, Pre-K teacher of children with varying exceptionalities, Martin County Interdisciplinary team evaluator, assistant administrator, and early childhood program coordinator.

Ginny’s real passion for discipline started as a parent with her youngest child who did not respond effectively to the traditional methods of discipline. She and her husband Jack, have raised a blended family since 1990. She has successfully managed her Peaceful Parenting LLC Business since 1994.

Session Speakers

Snapshot of a Day: Documenting the Children's Experiences
Dr. Cindy Haralson, The Cushman School

How visual documentation of each child's day at school shared via a digital portfolio on Google Sites, individual picture books, and a Shutterfly class site. These various avenues document developmental and curricular areas as the children participate in a variety of activities throughout the day. I will show the participants how these different modes of sharing documentation are created, and as I do so, they will see the children engaged in activities in a developmentally appropriate classroom that incorporates Reggio Emilia beliefs. The digital portfolios are designed categorically by High/Scope's key experiences.

Serving on an FCIS/FKC Evaluation Team
Melissa Alton, Director of Accreditation, and Julie Johnson, Assistant Director of Accreditation, FCIS
Have you ever wanted to serve on an evaluation team? Have you served before, but need to learn about new FCIS/FKC evaluation and reporting processes? Join the FCIS Director of Accreditation to enhance your learning about being a team member. New team members may sign up during the session and join the team member pool.

FCIS/FKC Standards for Accreditation: An Overview
Melissa Alton, Director of Accreditation, FCIS
All-new standards for accreditation came into effect July 1, 2017. Join the FCIS Director of Accreditation as she highlights some of the major differences and similarities between the current standards and the new standards. Time will be set aside to discuss the impact these changes will have on self-study processes and upcoming evaluations.

We Got the Grit - Character in the Classroom.
Dr. Tonja Cantu and Nichole Deese, Torah Academy of Jacksonville
We have created a program through which the students created a series of books utilizing a classroom character. The series develops positive character traits with the help of a classroom helper. Students were engaged and excited about sharing with other students to increase character development, passion, and perseverance throughout the school. The students take great pride in their participation in creation of the books, becoming better individuals, and assisting fellow students.

Inside An Outside Classroom
Christy Kian and Tammie Gelfand, North Broward Preparatory School
A hands-on learning experience that will take you outside of your classroom with a fun introduction to outdoor experiential education. Join us for an interactive session where you will learn many ideas to take back to your no walls classroom.

Early Childhood...It's HABIT forming!
Laura Fitzpatrick and Jess Boston, North Broward Preparatory School
Presenters will demonstrate how seamlessly the Habits of Mind can be weaved into the early childhood curriculum in fun and creative ways. Attendees will walk away with a toolkit of ideas to use throughout the year and will be ready to teach these all important life-skills to their students!

Inspire! Connecting Art to Letters
Lang Hudepohl, The Cushman School
Learning about artists that connect to the letter of the week can lead to an array of creativity and insight. Literature, visual displays, poetry, film and art projects all come together to inspire and ignite curiosity. Children have the opportunity to widen their views on a variety of art styles, relate to the artists and understand the many of ways that one can express themselves....all while reinforcing the letter name and sound.

STEAM: Design and Implement an Engaging Program for Young Learners
Katherine Mohr, Delia Zepeda and Robbin Simons, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School
See examples of scheduling and logistics of implementing STEAM in your classroom, participate in hands-on collaborative planning and hear real-world classroom challenges/successes. You will also leave with program models, lesson guides, and resources

Engaging Young Writers: An Integrated Curriculum Approach
Diane Hollowell and Jen McDonough, The Pine School
How do we do it all, when there is so much to do? This session explores how a kindergarten teacher and instructional coach partner together to create integrated learning experiences that are engaging and meaningful for children while still making sure that kids are prepared for the expectations to come.

Learning to THINK...Thinking to LEARN!
James Dean, Thinking Maps, Inc.
This interactive session demonstrates how schools are utilizing visual tools to teach critical THINKING and WRITING to ALL students. By understanding how the brain is wired for pattern seeking this applied knowledge has a dramatic impact on the teaching of critical THINKING and communication. Lots of student examples will be shared.

Sight Word Bonanza
Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School
Join Peggy in this exciting workshop to learn what are Sight Words, why they are an essential component of reading and writing, where to get sight words and more. Learn ideas for quick retrieval of sight words, theme words, words for writing, wandering word walls, highlighting and displaying words and an action packed game your students will love to play to reinforce all your words

Innovation and Integration of Technology
Jennifer Stephenson, Canterbury School Fort Myers
Want to create innovative lessons your students will remember for years? With the use of simple tools such as Ozobot Robots and Osmo you can innovate your classroom. Using Osmo helps Kindergarten students struggling with numbers or cvc words. Code the map of Florida and travel to cities using Ozobot!

Mercedes Gonzalez and Jenny Diaz, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School
This session will explore the possibility of setting aside teacher manuals and use the Balanced Literacy Approach, teacher expertise, and 21st-century tools to create differentiated instruction in the elementary classroom empowering students to develop autonomy and grit. Special guests Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Shirley will share their own classroom experiences as well as give tips for implementation.

Tricks of the Trade: Ideas to manage, help and create in the classroom
Peggy Campbell-Rush, The Bolles School
*New twists to old tricks, like tattling, lying, walking from place to place and more
*How to cut down on time spent creating new materials
*How to communicate with parents
*How to get parents on “your side” right from the start
*How to create classroom community
*Ideas galore to take back to your classroom right away

I Love You Rituals: Building the Bonds that Create a School Family
Ginny Luther
Come play and connect discovering Dr. Becky’s I Love You Rituals that help wire their brains for success and most of all bring lots of giggles that build positive relationships between children.

PE and recess games that do not exclude and keep kids moving/having fun!
Mary Aparicio and Steve Hoffman, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School
This session is designed for PE teachers and classroom teachers looking for activities to keep kids moving, have fun, and keep their students from "sitting out" of elimination games. Come dressed to play! Sneakers strongly suggested for this participation session!

Healthy Eating Initiative in Kindergarten
Claudia Romero and Nick Turco, The Master's Academy

The Kindergarten team will make an intentional effort to educate our students about the relationship between what we eat and how our bodies function. We plan to grow produce plants to show students the process of plant growth and ultimately to get to eat the “fruits” of their labor (Does growing food affect our desire to eat it?). We will provide fun food-preparation activities to encourage students to try new foods by replacing “junk food” treats for natural healthy snacks. We plan to document the process by creating a digital "classbook" to share our findings with students, families, and other educators.

Learning about India - the Montessori way!
Rozina Mardhani, Palm Harbor Montessori Academy
Do you like to learn or teach using hands-on materials? Do you have Kinesthetic learners in the class that are constantly on the move? Have you wondered how to lay a foundation of unity, diversity, and pluralism at such a young age? If yes, then come to this exciting workshop to learn about India, the Montessori way! You will have a chance to explore several materials in Language, Math, Practical Life and other areas, and see some artifacts and clothing as well.

Learning in the Sand Kitchen
Shonna Brady, Community Day School

Learn about how we came up with the idea for our Sand Kitchen. Find out how we use it to play and learn. Our emphasis will be on ways to incorporate science and math. We'll also share the project of envisioning, creating and paying for the structure itself.

Feeling Stressed? Building Resilience one Mindful Minute at a Time!
Suzanne Otero, The Pine School
Are you feeling stressed? Are your students exhibiting signs of anxiety? Together we will talk about the factors that increase student stress and anxiety and some strategies to help decrease the stress levels of our youngest students. Through breathing, yoga poses and mindful minutes we will work towards building resilience and changing lives one mindful minute at a time!

Music that Makes Learning Rock
Jack Hartmann
Educational songs that make learning rock! Research proves that music and movement help children learn. Educational songs to help students with reading, writing, math,science, social skill, physical fitness and more.

Spark Your Science Curriculum and Raise Your SciQ
Jack Hartmann
Science songs that cover national and State standards for science.
Living and Non-living things
Plants and Animal needs
Cycles in Nature
Love of Science