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Florida Kindergarten Council
Supporting Exemplary Early Learning

The following are helpful resources for schools undergoing accreditation or seeking FKC membership and accreditation for the first time. Can't find the information you need? Contact the FKC Office at (813) 287-2820.

The following are for use by schools accredited by, or seeking accreditation by, FKC only. FKC-only accreditation is for schools with programs that extend no higher than grade 2.

If your school is accredited by FCIS, or if your school has grades 3 and/or above, please refer to the FCIS website by clicking here.

FKC Bylaws, revised 2017

FKC Standards for FKC-Only Schools, revised 2017

**Schools accredited by FCIS click here**

FKC Individual Faculty/Staff Data

FKC Faculty/Staff Data Summary

FKC Only Self-Study Template

Inquiry Form