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FCIS 2021-2022 Corporate Sponsorship Registration


In exchange for the benefits to be provided by the Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS) to the undersigned FCIS Corporate Subscriber, including access to its membership list or use in marketing the Subscriber's products and services, the undersigned Corporate Subscriber (the "Subscriber") hereby agrees to the following:
1. The Subscriber will not suggest or imply, in any written or oral communication, that FCIS has endorsed any of its products or services, or use FCIS' name or logo in any form.
2. When communicating with FCIS member schools, the Subscriber will speak accurately and comprehensively about the strengths of its own products and services and not allege weaknesses in other competitor products.
3. All FCIS mailing labels are for one-time use only. The Subscriber will furnish to FCIS the final copy of any item being sent using FCIS labels. FCIS reserves the right to deny label requests.

4. FCIS reserves the right to revoke the Subscriber's corporate subscription if it violates any of the above agreements, or if its business practices are deemed by FCIS to be discriminatory or inappropriate to the interests of its membership.

5. If the Subscriber's corporate subscription is dropped, for any reason, the Subsriber will not receive a refund on the balance of its current year subscription fee.


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