FCIS Accreditation Portal

FCIS Accreditation Portal

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Need access to the portal? Contact Melissa Alton (malton@fcis.org)

The FCIS Accreditation Portal is the new online work area for schools and visiting teams to complete the Self-Study and the Visiting Committee Report. Schools undergoing their 5-year accreditation visit will be granted access to the portal to contribute to their self-study electronically 18 months prior to their visit. Visiting committees will have a central workspace that can be accessed from most internet connected devices. 

**Important: If you need access to the portal and you are on a visiting team please contact Melissa Alton (malton@fcis.org). If you are a contributing member to a self-study at a member school, you will be given an account by your Self-Study Coordinator or Head of School.

To access the portal click on the image above or go to https://portal.fcis.org

For schools that are wanting to start the self-study process please contact Melissa Alton (malton@fcis.org) to get the process started. If you are having technical issues please contact Cindy Addison (caddison@fcis.org). Below are some "how to" videos for the portal.

FCIS Accreditation Portal Intro