FCIS Accreditation Portal

FCIS Accreditation Portal

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The FCIS Accreditation Portal is the new online work area for schools and visiting teams to complete the Self Study and the Visiting Committee Report. No longer will schools have to manage working in the Self Study by using Google Drive or combing reports from multiple committees. Visiting Committees will also have a central workspace that can be accessed from most internet connected devices.

**Important: If you need access to the portal and you are on a Visiting Team please contact Julie Johnson (jjohnson@fcis.org). If you are on a Self Study team at a school you will be given an account by your Self Study Coordinator.

To access the portal click on the image above or go to https://portal.fcis.org

For schools that are wanting to start the Self Study Process please contact Melissa Alton to get the process started. If you are having technical issues please contact Matt Wilson (mwilson@fcis.org). Below are some "how to" videos for the portal.

FCIS Accreditation Portal Videos

Visiting Committee

FCIS Accreditation Portal Intro

Visiting Committee Chairs - Inviting Users and Assigning Standards

Working in the Portal - Visiting Committee Member

Schools - Assign Users

Schools - Working in the Portal


FCIS Accreditation Portal Intro

Schools - Invite Users and Assign

Working on Portal - Collaborator

Self-Study Accreditation Portal Webinar