Strategic Plan

Our Vision

FCIS seeks to be recognized nationally as the premier independent school advocacy organization and by its member schools as a most valued asset and educational partner.

By the year 2018, FCIS will be well into its sixth decade of operation. Our member schools will fully embrace the concept of peer accountability that is driven by a robust and effective accreditation process. They will enjoy the benefits of the measurable improvement that it promotes across the entire spectrum of FCIS schools. They will likewise utilize the wide breadth and high quality of professional development programming provided by FCIS as a meaningful method to increase the value and effectiveness of their individual programs and staffs.

FCIS will become a well-respected and powerful regional and national voice in preserving the independence of its schools and a potent advocate for promoting other areas of common interest for its members.

Finally, FCIS itself will have an organizational work culture that is unified, encouraging, respectful, and inclusive and will have the resources to deliver innovative and superior services that are highly valued by its members.

FCIS Strategic Priorities

  1. Define and Communicate the FCIS Brand
  2. Enhance the Accreditation Process
  3. Expand Member Services
  4. Promote and Preserve the Independence of our Schools
  5. Assure the Sustainability of FCIS