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The International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA) is the global leader in independent school accreditation. Inspiring transformation and upholding excellence, the member associations of ICAISA ensure quality and accountability through accreditation of independent schools across the globe. Becoming an ICAISA recognized association serves a vital role in driving excellence in education.

The Value of Accreditation by an ICAISA Member Association
Accrediting associations recognized by ICAISA provide accreditation programs that are based on shared practices and have a transformative impact on more than 3,500 independent schools, two million students, and 120 countries across the globe.

The accreditation programs of ICAISA members share these principles:
Accreditation that serves two functions:
  • Assesses compliance with association standards
  • Encourages school improvement through discovery, dialogue, and commitment to preparing students for the challenges of the future
Aligned to the unique mission, purpose, and context of each
school, while providing a unified framework to advance excellence.

The accreditation process requires the school to prepare a
comprehensive self-study and host an on-site visit by impartial,
highly-trained volunteer evaluators. This peer-review process is
unmatched in its depth, breadth, quality, content, and relevance.

The accrediting associations that make up the global ICAISA
network share ideas, perspectives, and approaches to leverage our
collective knowledge for the benefit of each member association.
FCIS is a member in good standing of the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA). ICAISA is the international leader in independent school accreditation. ICAISA advances excellence and upholds standards in order to ensure quality and accountability in independent schools across the globe. ICAISA establishes and maintains criteria for effective accreditation, and conducts formal evaluations of member association accreditation programs. ICAISA also examines and assesses the evolving educational environment, and acts as a catalyst in partnership with associations in navigating significant change. Ultimately, the work of ICAISA strengthens independent school education and supports the ongoing improvement of individual schools.