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21st Century Learning Academy 2017

21st Century Learning Academy

Corbett Preparatory School of IDS, Tampa
June 21-23, 2017

FCIS invites K-12 Teachers and Administrators to register for this informative, innovative, and collaborative professional development opportunity. Enhance your teaching skills, deepen your knowledge, and share best practices. This three-day workshop includes sessions on the following topics:

• Working Memory• Digital Portfolios
• Technology and Assessment• Design Thinking
• Differentiated and Personalized Learning• Mindfulness
• Student-Driven Project-Based Learning• Virtual Reality
• Digital Literacy

Who should attend? K-12 Teachers and Administrators
Earn 16 master in-service points by attending all sessions.

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Amishi Jha, Neuroscientist, Researcher, Associate Professor, University of Miami
Improving Attention and Resilience with Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness involves present-moment attention without emotional reactivity. This presentation will discuss recent scientific findings regarding the effectiveness of mindfulness training programs to promote resilience. A large and growing literature finds that stress degrades attention and working memory, and weakens the capacity to regulate emotions. Further, protracted periods of high stress may lead to performance failures and psychological illness. Our research investigates the benefits of mindfulness training in a broad range of high stress/high performance groups including military service members, athletes, educators, and students. We have found that attention, working memory, and mood are improved, while mind-wandering and burnout are curbed with mindfulness training. These findings suggest that mindfulness training should be further considered as a route by which to promote student and educator wellness.

Brad Rathgeber, Executive Director, One Schoolhouse
Valuing the Uniqueness of Each Student
Every student learns differently. Students learn at different paces. Students learn in different modalities. Some students are introverts. Some are extroverts. Some learn through conversation. Some learn through reflection. Some learn through doing. Some learn through failure. Some learn from repetition. Most students learn in some combination of these ways.

As educators, we know this. Those of us in independent schools are lucky that we often have the resources, small classes and support to honor this understanding. And yet, even with these advantages, we can still get incredibly frustrated knowing that no matter how much we differentiate in our classrooms, it doesn’t seem to be “enough.” Is that because we are trying approaches from the wrong direction? Should we be approaching learning from the perspective of the student rather than the teacher? We'll explore these questions in this session.

Andrew Watson, President, Translate the Brain
Putting Memory to Work
Every day, students depend on an essential cognitive capacity that they—and we—know too little about. This workshop introduces Working Memory, emphasizing its centrality to all classroom learning. It then answers three vital questions: when might we overwhelm our students’ working memory? How do we know that we have done so? And—most important of all—how do we solve those problems? Lively and practical, this workshop makes brain research useful in independent school classrooms.

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Feedback from last year's participants: What did you find most helpful about the Academy?

This workshop was the most profound I have ever attended outside of my subject. I felt like every section gave me take away and so much more to think about and share with my students and peers. I am grateful for all the thought and energy that was put into having valuable content, amazing presentations, and wonderful contact with other educators.

Some paradigm shifting regarding how to discuss diversity and cultural competency and several ways to begin those conversations with concrete activities for the classroom.

• A

s someone new to Florida independent schools, the workshop provided a terrific entree to the community of schools and faculty members. The topic itself was timely and well-framed.

Additional Speakers and Sessions:

  • In the Era of Fake News, Digital Fluency Is THE Essential Skill We Need to Teach
    Dr. Joan McGettigan, Director of Educational & Information Tech, Apple Teacher, Google Certified 1 & 2, North Broward Preparatory School
  • Seesaw into Learning – Creating Digital Portfolios
    Betsy Eveland, PK Teacher; and Mary Scott, Instructional Specialist/Technology Integration, Lake Highland Preparatory School
  • Mindfulness-Based Attention Training (MBAT) with Teachers and Parents
    Juan Carlos Garcia, Coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, and Dr. Jacqueline Blue, Guidance Counselor and Licensed Psychologist, Gulliver Schools
  • Rabbit Holes: Stimulating Intellectual Curiosity with the Use of Technology
    Stacy Filocco, US Social Studies Teacher, Academy of the Holy Names
  • Design Thinking in the Classroom
    Sarah Finnemore, 4th Grade Teacher and Literacy Consultant, and Katy Deegan, Lower School Educational Technologist, Shorecrest Preparatory School
  • Creating a Virtual Reality Program that Fits Your School Culture
    Chad Lewis, Certified Apple Teacher, Director of Technology, Tampa Preparatory School
  • The Death of Multiple Choice
    Matthew Parets, Teacher and Computer Science Department Chair, Montverde Academy

Date: June 21-23, 2017

Location: Corbett Preparatory School of IDS, 12015 Orange Grove Drive, Tampa, FL, 33618

Registration Cost:
$425 (Members) | $495 (Non-Members)

Registration Deadline:
June 12, 2017

Hotel Reservations: Please contact the hotel directly. There is no FCIS group rate.
La Quinta Inn & Suites
3701 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL, 33612
To make reservations, call 813-910-7500.
Embassy Suites
3705 Spectrum Boulevard, Tampa, FL, 33612
To make reservations, call 813-977-7066.

Cancellation & Refunds: All hotel cancellations must be made directly through the hotel and in accordance with hotel policy. Workshop refund requests must be made in writing and emailed to kdanger@fcis.org. There is a $50 processing fee through June 5, 2017, with no refunds after this date.

Please contact Alison Carlson at acarlson@fcis.org.

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